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No board will be the same. We use what's in season and what excites us most that day, bringing classic imports and local favorites together on one board. All serving sizes are based off of standard appetizer portions. If boards are intended to be served as meals, size up!

To ensure that the perfect cracker-to-cheese ratio is being met, we put the crostini and crackers on the side as an add on. We take our house-made crostini game seriously and use only the best local bread we can find.

Delivery is available to Boston and surrounding areas. All deliveries have a $10 base fee and are subject to additional fees based on location. Orders must be placed at least 48 hours in advance. Please inform us of any allergies. 


feeds 4-6

The Commons

Created for smaller gatherings, date nights or ambitious solo feasting. 3-4 really good cheeses, 2-3 cured meats, and custom accompaniments.

served on a single-use food safe board.


feeds 8- 12

The Greenway

Our most popular board. designed for intimate gatherings, family dinners and heartier eaters. 4-5 cheeses picked to please all palettes, 3-4 cured meats and custom accompaniments. Served on a bamboo tray with a lid.


feeds 15-20

The Highlands

This board will make friends for you. it is made for sharing, entertaining and making a lasting impression. 5-7 hand selected cheeses and 4-5 top tier cured meats with ample accoutrements. served on single-use food safe board.

date night.jpg

Date Night Box

Or break up box. Or "I'm not defined by my relationship status and I just want to eat some cheese" box. Two cheese and cured meats. Enough to share or keep in your fridge for yourself.

IMG_7951 (1).jpeg

Graze Tables

These photo- worthy spreads double as an edible center piece and are designed to spark conversation and keep people snacking. No bite will be the same!


Gratitude Bundles

Show appreciation for your clients or loved ones with cheese! guaranteed to leave an impression. Fully customizable!


Conserva Board

Tinned fish. Cockles. Caviar. The best potato chips ever. The best sea salt ever. Pimenton. Creme fraiche.

This is elite snacking.

IMG_8166 (1).jpeg

Mini Boxes

Make everyone at the beach jealous. 

Go hiking. Have a picnic. Eat it in your car on your lunch break. 

* 2 box minimum.


Chark Bites

Easy to grab cones that make up the perfect bite. Perfect for socially-distant snacking and helps guests move around the room!

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Add ons

Sm. house-made crostini 10

Lg. house-made crostini 20

box Rustic Bakery crackers  8 

Petrova chocolates 12/15/25

extra honey comb 5

"cheese snob"

(rare picks + top product) 20/30/50

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All boards will include a 7% sales tax.

Some cheese and honey will be raw.

*30 person minimum for graze tables and cones.

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